Check In and Out


  • Alder Barn will be ready for your arrival at 4.00 pm on the first day of your stay.
  • Early check-in is sometimes possible but we do charge extra for this service, for further details see Prices plus Contact Us to find out if this will be possible.
  • Access is via a smart lock, and you will be sent your unique code prior to your stay. Please note that your code will only work from 4 pm (or earlier only if arranged).

Check Out

Please be ready to leave by 10.00 am, the barn is probably booked after you and our cleaning team will be coming in promptly to give them time to make the barn as welcoming and clean for the next guests as it was for your arrival.

On occasions, late check out may be possible for a fee, for further details please Contact Us to find out if this will be possible.

Please note that your smart lock access code will stop working at exactly 10.00 am (only later if by arrangement).

When you are ready to leave, please make sure that

  • Bins- the bin has been emptied and a new black sack put in.
  • No left food- please also make sure that you have not left food in the fridge, freezer or cupboards
  • Dishwasher has been emptied
  • Kitchen wear has been cleaned and put away and left as it was found
  • Keys- if you have used the front door key please return this to the key box
  • Doors locked- please make sure that the kitchen and front door are shut and locked as you leave
  • Cleaning- although we are expecting to clean the barn thoroughly on your departure, please leave the barn in a clean and tidy state.  Our housekeeping team only has a finite amount of time to prepare the barn and if it is excessively dirty they will have to call in extra help, which will incur further costs that will be covered from your security deposit.
  • Bedding -lastly, we ask that you strip all used bedding from the duvets and pillows and leave it on the bedroom floor.  This means beds that have not been used will not be changed which helps the environment by cutting out unnecessary washing and laundering.
  • Towels- please leave all used towels in a pile on the shower room floors, again it is then obvious what has been used during your stay